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Introduction: During my field practice experience, I will be working with the Black Women’s Health Alliance (BWHA). BWHA works with women of African Ancestry and other women of color to help improve healthcare outcomes and eliminate or reduce health disparities. They accomplish this by providing advocacy, education, research and support activities, programs and services. My educational background in public health will play a significant role in the internship position there. My field practice preceptor will be Ms. Brenda Shelton-Dunston. She is the executive director of BWHA and has many years of experience in the field of public health. My responsibilities during my internship will include assisting with the planning, developing, and facilitation …show more content…
Teen dating violence can be described as dating abuse, relationship abuse, intimate partner violence, domestic abuse or domestic violence. It can occur among heterosexual or homosexual couples and does not necessarily have to require sexual intimacy. Teen dating violence is a serious public health issue. The consequences of teen dating violence can lead to short and long term negative health outcomes such as symptoms of depression and anxiety, engagement in unhealthy behaviors, involvement in antisocial behaviors, and thoughts about suicide, pregnancy, or sexually transmitted infections (CDC, 2015). Twenty-five percent of high school girls have reported being physically or sexually abused in the United States. These girls are six times more likely to become pregnant or contract a sexually transmitted infection (“11 Facts about Teen Dating Violence”, 2015). Stopping teen dating violence before it occurs is the key strategy in preventing teen dating …show more content…
Objective 1.1: By October 1st,
• Analyze at least three Pennsylvania laws regarding teen dating violence.
Objective 1.2: By October 15th,
• Characterize at least two gaps in existing Pennsylvania policies by using gap analysis to compare Pennsylvania policies to California policies on teen dating violence.
Goal 2: The second goal of this project is to
• Assess teen dating violence programs for their implementation of teen dating violence policies. Objectives 2.1: By October 29th,
• Select four programs and analyze how policies have been implemented through the programs. The four programs will include two from Pennsylvania and two from California.
Objective 2.2: By November 12th,
• Compare and contrast these four programs to describe services provided, strengths and weaknesses of the programs, and assess policy implementation.
Objective 2.3: By November 26th,
• Formulate at least three recommendations to inform policy decisions that correspond to the most utilized implementation of activities based upon the analysis in objective 2.2.
Project Timeline:
Throughout project – Continue review of current literature, intense background

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