The Importance Of Fascism In Robert College

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Have you ever felt like you are being fascist? I think you have felt this feeling at least once in your life. If you are saying that you have never been a fascist, you cannot consider me as a fascist person, you cannot even use my name with fascism… You are probably lying. If you are still thinking that you have no connection with fascism, then I can give an example that most of the Robert College students are faced with. Are you ready to read my example? You should be ready unless you are underestimating me with my thoughts like a little fascist. Ohh, I said something fascist in my last sentence by calling fascist as little. However, I am giving my example by assuming you are ready. When we first come to Robert College, we all have some fears about Robert College because society showing us, you cannot be in there, if you are not perfect. And we …show more content…
According to Oxford Dictionary meaning of racism is: “Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.” In the most of the countries there are some fascist movements. South Africa is one of those countries. Jahn Peters, who is South African, tells what their parents and society told him as: “I grow up in a country where there was a bit of fascism and racism going on I think from a very young age, I saw the result of it so they were pretty much told me not to be.” He is educated about why he shouldn’t be racist because in his country, there is a potential about being racist. But, In Turkey there is not this kind of racism so Yankı Tosyalı, a Robert College students tells his idea about being racist as: “ In my childhood there was no racism anyway so I didn’t know what “racism” meaning is. That’s why I couldn’t get education about racism until that day. I mean, if I would be leader in the future, I might be a racist leader.” This shows us the importance of education and social

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