Ku Klux Klan And Racism Essay

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Racists can be separated into two groups. There is one group show their racism extremely like Ku Klux Klan, and another group has prejudices against a race but not that show their racism overly. Ku Klux Klan is a group of the first white supremacy and they did not accept that African-Americans have same rights with them. They did not have many activities during the period of Barack Obama but they start aggressive activities after Donald Trump elected for next president in America. Also, there are so many prejudices by ethnicity and skin color in our society. Those particular brutal moving and thoughts serve as a stumbling block to African-Americans and minority races, which bring a lot of social problems. I have heard and experienced racial …show more content…
Racists think people that have different skin colors, are wrong and different with them. In the past, white people had black slaves and they did not treat slaves as a human. Therefore, Caucasians did not give any rights to African-Americans and for a while, they did not admit that everyone is equal. Even though descendants of African-Americans or immigrants are now respectable Americans, non-Caucasians still cannot have fair treatments as Caucasians have. For example, --Americans is hired at last when economic boom occurred but during a deep recession, they get fired at first. Also, even if African-Americans are in the same position with white people in a company, they get fewer salaries. According to an example from the film: The Power of an Illusion, there was one African-American man who moved to a town where many white people resided, but in two years, the majority of his neighbors become African-Americans because the white residents moved out. This is called blockbusting which is when real estate agents convince the owners of the house to sell his or her property at a lower price than market value in fear of another race moving into the neighborhood. Then the agents would sell those houses to non-white people at inflated prices to earn wealth for themselves. I believe this is happening because a government does not give non-Caucasians the same rights as whites …show more content…
Directly and indirectly, the society does not give non-white people the same education, rights, jobs, or market values as white people. If people cannot have equal fundamental rights such as ownerships, property rights, and civil liberties, that is a discrimination. In the United States, there are legal systems to protect non-white people from discriminations, but still, people make a racist remark. For example, CEO of Abercrombie, Mike Jeffries had racial comments a few years ago and recently Donald Trump have a scandal with making sexist and racist remarks. Non-Caucasians live their lives with lots of prejudices as ever. For solving racial problems, people need more education and knowledge of the race. Racism cannot be solved in a short time. Many people already have wronged ideology and prejudices of a race so changing their thoughts will take a lot of time. Also, the society needs to give people a more good quality of educations of the race since childhood. Children could have a right concept of race and could find their own way to finish racial discriminations. Then people could understand and consider each other better than

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