Definition Essay On Familiarity

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Familiarity: the security of knowing; close acquaintance with or understanding of something or someone; the quality of being known; the comfort in that which you have already experienced, places you have already been, conversations you have already had; a face you have seen walk by already; movies with known endings; songs that have play over and over so many times that you can turn the song off and still hear it playing in your head.
Familiarity has its perks. It’s like home field advantage. If you know what you’re doing, you will tend to do it better. If you’ve lived somewhere your whole life, it will be easy to make your way around. If you haven’t, every moment will feel like a test of your comprehension, your knowledge, your awareness. Familiarity is something we learn, like riding the subway during rush hour or knowing the right waiter to ask for at your favorite restaurant.
Familiar things also have the most
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It is a blue house with black shutters and a white picket fence stretching across lush green grass. I had my two year old birthday party in the living room and my high school post-prom party in the basement. I said my first words on the back porch and wrote my college essays in the kitchen. I watched princess movies in the family room and had my first kiss in the study. I could paint a picture of the house with my eyes closed and it would be good enough for a real estate agent to post on their website. House for sale. My house for sale.
I am from a bright purple bedroom on the second floor. It wasn’t a room with a view but I didn’t mind that. My room was never clean no matter who was coming over or how old I was. There was something pleasantly dysfunctional about every inch of its crowded space. Sports trophies sat next to barbie dolls. Stuffed animals leaned against boy band posters. Dirty clothes lay on top of yoga mats. I kept candy in my sock drawer. It was so wrong, it had to be

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