Are We Accepting Or Expecting?

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Expectation is a firm belief that something will happen. It is a confident feeling about someone or something. In every relationship we have different expectations; people expect different several things from him and God also expects us to do a certain thing. We expect him to love and support us to mention the least, He expects us to obey and love him back. Expectation motivates us to do better, to work harder or to climb higher in life.
Expectation is a gift, not a pain for when people expect a decent thing from you, it is usually because you have given them reasons to believe in you. However, the problem arises when it is overrated and when we live with the expectations alone. Questions then arise, how and what should we expect or be expected?
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We should be adventurous enough to find out our area of interest, but that does not mean we should blindly follow the course of life someone want us to go after. T.S. Eliot once said; “between conception and experience falls a shadow”. It is quite true in our context today, there is much gap between our dream and the hard fact reality we are stuck in. A shadow and hollowness exist between what we aspire and how we actually materialize it. Many do not know what we want in life or are afraid to live it out for fear of failure. Some do not want to disappoint the hope and aspiration people have in them. Few carry on the burden of expectation because they like applause and approval every time from …show more content…
At times, though we struggle just to stay alive and be in learn to float on, we try to show an apparent image of success because we felt bad to tell the truth. I don’t mean expectation is bad, but we should have a reality check to avoid much disparity between reality and illusion. Let us do away with the shadow and pressure, because our impression of success now will only cause depression in the long run. Somebody once said; if you want someone to be special, treat them as one though they may not be, but never expect them to do all that you want them to, at times Expectations hurt. For if we treat them as someone special it encourage and motivate them to excel and will prevent us from frustration even when they failed us. So, let us reason together and strike a balance to make life more

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