The Importance Of Ethics In Engineering

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What do I want to accomplish in my lifetime? What are the implications of my current understanding of ethics and integrity to my own likelihood of ultimately achieving these goals? As a student fortunate (and unfortunate) enough to be growing up at the brink of the 21st century technological revolution, I want to work in a field which accomplishes taking a large stride towards solving the world’s current environmental problems, whether this be through groundwater remediation, eradication of pollution from the air and manufacturing, or through the design and integration of electric/hydrogen powered vehicles. I also dream of becoming a professional rally driver.
I define ethics as a set of principles or virtues taken into account when deciding
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On one side, you have the employees lying, saying that environmental problems don’t exist, and on the other side are the employees who sign and send out blueprints and designs for projects that have not been looked over by a group leader or Professional Engineer. A problem in ethics and integrity in engineering may lead to lawsuits, and other tragedy. The I-35 Bridge in Minneapolis which collapsed in 2007, killing 13 people and injuring 145 was caused by a major design flaw that had been overlooked and not reviewed by lead engineers. This lack of ethics and integrity led to the loss of many lives. Within the environmental field, many ethics issues happen every year as well. It only takes one person in a company who doesn’t comply with the company’s moral and ethical rules to turn a project into a lawsuit or natural disaster. Environmental Ethics is also a major in some colleges, studying the foundations of human existence and its societal attitude towards environmental protection of habitats, plants, and ecology. This major tracks populations in different areas, and their knowledge of the environment around them. An employee in this field would have to spend their time explaining the morals of keeping animal habitats safe within certain areas. Not only do these workers need to have their own morals, they have to try to teach others what they believe to be morally correct to do. Having …show more content…
If implemented correctly, ethics and integrity will lead towards the success of achieving my lifetime goals. By ensuring that I am always the most ethical I can be, withholding the highest standards of integrity will help me to become the person I want to be, and help me to accomplish the goals which I have set for myself. Having these set rules within a workforce shows company’s my extended trust and respect for the company I am working for, and being able to identify ethical problems quickly and solve them or report them to higher ranked personal will also help to build my company’s trust of me, again making it easier to build of the ranks towards accomplishing my life goals. Without this understanding of ethics and integrity, it would be nearly impossible to accomplish my goals, because being ethical and honest is not enough. Within the workforce, you must be able to produce an ethical team, where no coworker loses their integrity, and no coworker leads your team towards tragedy, such as the I-35 Bridge in Minneapolis. Ethics and integrity will be one of the most necessary skills to fully understand in order to accomplish my goals, and my current understanding will lead me far into the future, where I will still work to ensure I am learning what is ethical in each situation, and the best way to stay moral at all

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