Engineering Code Of Ethics

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Tackling such a case can help countries and international organizations such as the American Society of Mechanical Engineering (ASME) discover the weaknesses in the engineering code of ethics. For example, the design engineer who is responsible for designing any engineering apparatus has the right to credit his design. Therefore, it is not allowed for customers or manufacturers to take credit for something that is not theirs. Otherwise, it is considered as plagiarism and unethical practice in engineering. (Luegenbiehl & Davis, 1986). These kinds of weaknesses can be monitored by engineering societies which can improve these codes to suit the point of weakness.
The engineering code of ethics are international codes that are applicable worldwide.
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This code of ethics was released by engineers in order to save the society from further accidents. According to ASME, “The first code of ethics of the American Society of Mechanical Engineering was not a code of principles so much as a code of recommended practices in specific cases and injunctions against performing specific acts of impropriety” (Rice, 1922, p. 75). As shown from the previous quote, codes of ethics are not just theoretical rules, but they are real life applications that prevent unethical practices to happen again. Most of these codes were generated through recommendations by engineering societies and expert safety engineers who have enough experience to develop these laws in the field of engineering. ASME mentioned that “the Society recognized the recommendation of the Committee that a code should be common to each branch of the profession, and it was therefore offered to the other engineering societies for their consideration” (ibid.). Consequently, all engineering fields are required to accept a particular code in order to be considered as an engineering law. Therefore, codes of ethics are common in each field of …show more content…
Since then, ethics is considered as one of the main concepts in the engineering field and it is as important as the knowledge of engineering itself. While American organizations have created the definitions and ethics of engineering, they globalized these codes of ethics to be used worldwide. This is vital as it is one of the critical factors that can save societies from disasters. Moreover, engineering ethics are useful and helpful in order to maintain the requirements of safety and stability in any structure, such as bridges, buildings, and airplanes. In fact, unethical practices that engineers commit lead to disasters most of the time. For example, many air crashes that happened are because of unethical practices that were done by

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