The Importance Of Ethics And Integrity At The Brink Of The 21st Century Technological Revolution

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What do I want to accomplish in my lifetime? What are the implications of my current understanding of ethics and integrity to my own likelihood of ultimately achieving these goals? As a student fortunate (and unfortunate) enough to be growing up at the brink of the 21st century technological revolution, I want to work in a field which accomplishes taking a large stride towards solving the world’s current environmental problems, whether this be through groundwater remediation, eradication of pollution from the air and manufacturing, or through the design and integration of electric/hydrogen powered vehicles. I also dream of becoming a professional rally driver.
I define ethics as a set of principles or virtues taken into account when deciding one’s personal actions and behavior. Group ethics is one of the most important current issues within large companies. These virtues and principles are built off of rules taught to me since Kindergarten, and policies I am learning today in my college courses. My ethics within the workforce, leading to my goals, will be built solely off of the information I have been taught in college, and the training I receive when I first start a new job. To me, integrity is the act of maintaining honesty in all situations and upholding strong moral standards. My understanding of integrity will help me to build conclusions, make decisions, and help others around me in the community. My current understanding of ethics and integrity, if used correctly,…

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