The Importance Of Ethical And Empowering Leadership Essays

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The purpose of this paper is to summarize two peer-reviewed articles. The first article discusses aspects of ethical and empowering leadership. The second article examines the “role of values in servant leadership” (Russell, 2015, p. 76). First, I will introduce leadership ethics briefly. Second, I will provide a summary of each article, noting key findings. In conclusion, I will discuss the connections between the role of values in leadership and ethical leadership.

Ethics Paper
“Ethics is the branch of philosophy concerned with the intent, means, and consequences of moral behavior” (Manning and Curtis, 2015, p. 100). Individuals that demonstrate and integrate ethical behavior in their leadership strategies are establishing themselves as true leaders (Manning and Curtis, 2015). Understanding the importance of ethical leadership and the values associated with moral behavior optimize the success of a leader.
Ethical Leadership Article Summary
Four researchers from across universities in the United States took on the challenge of examining, “…how ethical leadership and empowering leadership are related to leader-member exchange relations (LMX), affective commitment, and leader effectiveness” (Hassan, Mahsud, Yukl, and Prussia, 2013, p. 133). The research cited in the literature review in the article reflects an increasing demand to understand ethical leadership and its connection to positive organizational relationships and behaviors (Hassan et al, 2013). Based on…

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