The Importance Of Entertainment

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People want things. Perhaps they are greedy, and perhaps they need to eat to live. Either way, there is rarely a time where you did not want something. Recently, this statement has been extended to people desiring entertainment. Many individuals want entertainment. The real question is, what is the best option for consumers, and producers, when choosing how they want their entertainment. For decades, we have had access to recorded music, pre-performed and stored movies, and digital video games. These technologies have advanced from the walkman, Videocassette Recorders, and cartridges; to MP3 files, Netflix, and online games. There is no longer necessarily a need to go to the store to purchase and access entertainment. However, there is still a definite desire for people to have a tangible commodity for them to access their entertainment through. There has been a notable amount of debate about whether consumers should purchase their entertainment …show more content…
Music has had the interesting quality of being broadcast across the radio from before more recent generations can even remember. Many people were so satisfied with this medium of entertainment that it has survived until this very day. The real problem with radio broadcasts is that it is difficult to play the exact song you want the exact moment you want to hear it, and you don’t actually own the music. In the modern age the problem has been easily solved. You can now carry all your music with you on your phone, or a similar device. That said, long before personal music players there was music on Compact Discs. Those, over time, have been largely overshadowed in the music medium. Even radio, surviving though it is, is being relocated to a generally digital market where people can narrow their radio station viewing to the stations that contain musical genres they desire to listen to. The concerns about musical collection have largely passed in favor of the ease of digital

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