Copyright Law: Understand Understanding The Meaning Of Copyright Ownership

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Copyright Guide

For any creative or intellectual work to be protected by copyright law, it has to be an idea that has been fixed and expressed in some type of medium. It is also imperative that the expression of this idea is original. Originality is most recognized through a modicum of creativity in the manner in which the idea has been expressed. In other words, once a work has been completed and then fixed in some medium through which it can be produced, such as the hard drive of a computer, paper or the cloud, and the work can be classified as original, it can then be copyrighted.
Works are Automatically Protected
Works that are protectable by copyright law are automatically protected upon completion. The current U.S. copyright law does not require placing a copyright notice on the work, nor does it require that the work be registered with the U.S. Copyright Office. There are some important benefits that are afforded to those who use the copyright notice and officially register their work, however.
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Some of the rights of copyright law include:
• The law grants certain series of rights that are specifically associated with the reproduction of the work
• Control of distribution of

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