The Importance Of Employment And College GPA

Employment and College GPA Having a job throughout college is very common and very important. Students need to work in order to pay for college. Not to mention pay for food, an apartment, or anything else the student might want or need. Recen studies have shown, that having a moderate amount of work hours can be beneficial (Kouliavtsev 2013). According to Kouliavtsev (2013) there was a positive correlation, but it was a small positive correlation between working and college GPA. Working is an important aspect in life. Most people start working during high school. Work becomes part of life. It is the reason most student’s go to college; to be able to learn what they need for their future careers. Most students will not give up making money …show more content…
Keeping a good GPA can be a challenge. There are so many new activities, sports, and employment opportunities for students to experience. The success of students based of GPA can be influenced by how often they participate in non-academic based activities. There are steps college universities can take to help students mange the balance of school, work, sports, and play. Schools have already begun to take steps to help students adjust to all the new experiences and pressures of college with the freshman adjustment programs. Another way to improve student’s academic and social balance is to cast a study for psychologists to observe students who are participating in activities and find out how much is too much. Students have plenty of commitments. It would be helpful to have research to show how many hours of extra participation is too much. GPA is an important part of college and if students care about their grades and their future they will do what they can to help improve their GPA. Having studies that demonstrate to students almost exactly how to balance their schedule it would help the overall improvement of students’ college

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