Essay On What I Learned When I Get My Education

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I used to hate coming to school, but I have learned that getting my education would be one of the biggest steps in my life. I was always that kid who would always be talking and being off task which was one of the main reasons I would get kicked out of class and eventually get me suspended. People who knew me when this was happening knew that I had it in me not to get in trouble or also that I could get good grades, but I just never felt the urge to try harder. I used to be a person who would want popularity instead of an education; I would practically do anything for a spotlight of attention. I have never been a person who liked the core classes; I personally think that I am a more hands-on person more than anything. It was a regular day at my household, waking up to scrambled eggs, tortillas and beans. My mom would always wake me up early because my dad would head to work to say bye to him every morning this was something that I valued due to the fact my parents had been fighting a couple days ago. I always think that my dad could leave at any time he really wanted to. I remember overhearing a conversation between my uncle and dad at my cousin's quinceanera which he said that “quiero dejar Maria para ir a méxico con la …show more content…
After all that time that I was being lazy and trying to be a popular kid I wasn't able to do anything but get bad grades and get in trouble. The things things I had changed was that I actually wanted to learn, come to school , and actually pay attention to the things that actually do matter. Don't ever think that popularity and being a person that stands out from the crowd is better than your education that was the worst decision I had made and i'm barely learning that i'm better than that. I am currently a Riverdale High School student with 210 credits and i'm not the same person that I used to be, I am

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