The Importance Of Education And Test Scores In The United States

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Education has been a worldwide competition for many of years. Some countries rank first and some countries rank last but the real question between all these countries is… “ Does education and test scores really matter when determining economics growth?” Education is important and helps to mold a growing economy, but it is proven that over the last century the united states has never successfully ranked high on these worldwide tests but seems to still have the best economy in the world. This raises many questions among experts. Do you need an education to make it in this world and does it change the economy? Does immigration from other countries help to raise the united states economic growth? Does ranking high on a test change the human capital in your country? Many different sides of these questions …show more content…
In recent years the U.S. has scored below numerous countries, but still remains to be the powerhouse country when it come to a booming economy. The economy in the U.S. has not been a reflection of the scores in educational tests. The U.S. is a melting pot of many different countries that have taught many different things to their citizens. Our test scores have shown that getting a high score is not always the way to boost your economy. Many other countries have education requirements that don’t meet the same standards as the U.S. and this is because each country has different strategies to boost education. One thing that the U.S. does rank high in is secondary schooling which has put us in the number one spot among 131 other countries. The push for higher education has helped to grow the global companies that the U.S. has. So from two different sides of the story you can see that we may not be good on standardized tests among high schoolers but the college educations in this country far surpass any other competing country. Education and immigration have helped to change this forever growing

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