Why Students Fail In High School

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When students are not doing well in class, it can simply mean that they are not focused, not interested, or cannot understand the material. Teachers who pass these students to get a diploma are not doing their job correctly. Students need to understand that if they are passing, but not understanding what they are learning, that they may not be successful in the future. Employers will soon discover that the graduate is less educated. Some may say that flunking the students -will hurt them to move forward, but if they pass and are illiterate, than obviously there is a problem with the system. If students continuously avoid to concentrate, then it is fair to drop them. They need to understand that having a diploma is the certificate in which they …show more content…
When a teacher walks in his or her classroom and students are not ready to participate, it is their job for the students to get on board. So that they can show authority and take control of the class. In order to get rid of the distractions that cause them to interrupt the lecture. Sherry demonstrates this kind of behavior in her article, “But, as I rediscover each time I walk into the classroom, before a teacher can expect students to concentrate, he has to get their attention…” (1). There are many ways to get the classroom attention, but the teacher has to take charge. Whether it is being strict, or taking items away, or even moving students around, teachers can get the classroom attention with a little force. But then there are parents that complain about their child not passing the class and wonder why or may already know and wants the instructor to fix the problem. For an example, Sherry illustrates a concern parent and implies “Why don’t you move him to the front row?”(1). Her son sits in the back row of Mrs.Stifter class, socializing with his friends, clearly he does not pay attention. Anyhow, she further states that the teacher, Mrs.Stifter says that “ I don’t move seniors,” she said. “I flunk them” (1). Which in fact, did make her a little, angry but she regained herself and realize that it is the right thing to do. Then when she told her son

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