Essay: The Importance Of Motivation In High School

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After two years of my high school career washed away due to poor decisions. It was being placed in advanced classes that drove me to the success I deserved. Some of these poor decisions were not even my own No, it was the so-called professional standing in front of me who ravaged the little hope left inside me. Year after year all we talked about was slavery and the holocaust and I was sick and tired of hearing the same depressing things. It became so boring that I would fall asleep in the middle of class, then wake right back up due to the nightmares it gave me. When thinking about it I do not know what is worse redundant information or the teacher taking the entire class to talk about something completely unrelated to school let alone the …show more content…
While showing up is necessary to start the learning process, it is how the student is learning that is important. When the same knowledge of the subject is shared by both teacher and student, the teacher then becomes the student. Along with that, sometimes a student is in a case where only some teachers enforce certain rules while others do not. With this being the case, the student will generally become confused of what morals they should have in the classroom. Rose was drowning from different sources of confusion during his days in vocational education. From teachers that are physically and mentally abusive to teachers that simply do not care or maybe do not know how to care. Many of Rose’s classmates, including Rose believed that, “School can be a disorienting place” (Rose 3). The environment should be consistent across the board. Having some teachers not care at all to some that take things too far can be confusing and even scary. Success in the classroom would be far more attainable in the classroom if the environment in which the students were placed in was the same as the last

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