Essay on The Importance Of Education And Education Programs

794 Words Apr 13th, 2016 4 Pages
The importance of education has become more apparent throughout the years, specifically the elementary school years. For a long time now, teachers and parents have struggled with students falling behind during their first years. While some don’t find it imperative to help these students others argue how crucial it is to find a solution to it; in order for our economy to grow our future workforce needs to be well educated (Peterson). One suggestion is to have parents receive some training from schools or organizations to teach their children the basics at an early age. A second suggestion is to provide accessible early education programs throughout the communities. Although both suggestions hand over the basic skills to children before they start school, its important to decide which one is more effective. When it comes to students that are falling behind at the beginning of their education, early education programs prove to be a better solution because they are designed to provide a routine for children, a “classroom” environment, and professional educators. First of all, early education programs are designed to dedicate time to children. On the other hand if parents were to be trained to teach their children, they would have to take time away from their schedules to teach their children. Some would say that if parents were determined they would make any sacrifice possible to help their children succeed. However, these sacrifices can have negative consequences for the…

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