Concerted Cultivation And The Accomplishment Of Natural Growth Essay

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The article preschool gives youths edges states san Francisco’s free preschool gives kids the authors found advantages and gains in their education once they enter kindergarten. Exposure to preschool for all youths is impotent as it can help bridge the education gap between wealthy, mid-income and low income children preschool can give head start in education to poor as education is one of the predominate factors in the reproduction of inequality. According to author Annette Lareaus’ book class text reading “unequal childhoods” Lareau illustrates how children start out unequal when it comes to education. Chapter one of her book titled “Concerted Cultivation and The Accomplishment of natural Growth” discusses how parenting styles factor into the education gap between rich, mid-income and poor children. …show more content…
Laraeus says this is due to their exposure to organized activities, and cultivation of their talents , access to quality paid preschools all of which held children from upper SES households excel in Kindergarten and beyond verses “The Accomplishment of natural growth” form of child rearing used by parents of ower income children wherein poorer kids have no exposure to preschool , organized activities fostering of their leisure activities, socialization or talents as their parents have other concerns, centered on survival and working long hours to put food on the table. Their idea of teaching their kids is limited teaching them to be safe in a poor and crime ridden neighborhoods. Low income parents not having time for the rigors of concerted cultivation leaves their children 4 moths behind when it comes to their first year of school, which is why free preschool for all is so important, as it exposes poor children to concerted cultivation they cannot receive from their

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