Fahrenheit 451 Reflection Paper

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In today’s society, the amount of education a person acquires defines how successful they will be in life. For example, someone who acquires an associate’s degree might not find a job as easily as someone with a doctorate in the same field. However, the way a person is taught is commonly overlooked. The way a teacher educates and treats their students greatly affects the way a person develops. A person’s experience in school shapes the way they look at the world, how they think, how they interact with others, and how they learn. In the United States, children are sent to school at five years old, graduate at eighteen, and some continue on to college. An average person in the United States will spend a large portion of their adolescents and early twenties in a school environment; which …show more content…
For example, a teacher who yells at students who ask questions, could make those students develop a fear of asking questions. It can be strenuous for a person to be more willing to misunderstand a subject and possibly fail a test rather than ask for help. This fear can last years or possibly forever, consequently shaping the way they interact with others. Employers will not tolerate a fear such as this; mistakes are easily made when employees don’t understand a task and they don’t ask questions. In Fahrenheit 451, Clarisse describes to Montag how the teachers at her school don’t want the students to ask questions or gain an understanding of the subjects being discussed. Due to Clarisse wanting to learn and talk to people about real life rather than what was on television, she was declared anti-social by her school counselor. She was treated like a menace to society because she wanted to think for herself instead of being told how to think, and so she left school (Bradbury). If she had been accepted by her teachers, she may not have been labeled as an outcast and her life could have been much

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