The Importance Of Drug Testing On Welfare

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Mikhail Bakunin once said, “Political Freedom without economic equality is a pretense, a fraud, a lie; and the workers want no lying.” The people who apply for jobs have to take a drug test while those on welfare can violate the use of the money. Welfare is basically financial support given to people in need. Helping people that are in need can cost money because nobody knows what they are using their check on. Many individuals do not agree with the kind of action mainly because they could be the ones that do get welfare and abuse it with drugs. People have often been doing drugs and getting a welfare check, which means that instead of looking for a job they are wasting the money the government gives them. Drug testing those on welfare has …show more content…
However, it has failed in the end because of the results. The result of drug testing has been proven to remain the same with a slight difference. It has decreased a little bit. There is only so much the government can do. They cannot make the applicants show up for a drug test however it can bring down the rate of drug addicts around the world. Another reason is that the applicant may lie on their form. The applicants do not always tell the truth mainly because they will not get the benefits the government has to offer. It is important that the government ends the use of drugs or at least decreases it. There are many risks the government is taking in order to make drug testing happen. Yes, it will decrease the amount of money the government gives out to the citizens but drug testing is costly. The government pairs up with different companies that do drug test which is not cheap. Drug testing affects the children but if the applicant is fine then the children will be safe. Now the ones that do drugs are putting their children in danger. Which mean the children could possibly end up in foster care. Ending up in foster care is unhealthy for the children because they can be traumatized since they move from house to house. Also, drug testing can end the war on drugs throughout the nation. Since drugs is always the problem the government is trying to end drugs. Drugs has done enough harm to children and other families in the

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