Welfare Drug Testing Essay

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Welfare was established to help impoverished people maintain the minimal standard of well-being as part of America 's 'Great Society ' program.According to a recent study we have 110,489,00 Americans living on welfare that 's 35.4% of the U.S. population.(Welfare Statistics 2015) With an immense welfare population would it be ethical for states to require drug testing to "help with government spending?" Does drug use and poverty fall in the same category? Further research has been put into action to help consider the diverse views on Welfare drug testing.

Exploring the views of those who are for welfare drug testing have many reasons why it 's a "good idea." For some jobs one must agree to either get randomly drug tested throughout
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“Blame” is something that can be thrown around everyday, but at the terminus of the day we still discern a person in desperate need of assistance for the rudimental essentialities in life. Clearly put, you cannot force people to be, or to do what you believe they should be doing or who you think they should be. There are many government-assistance programs that don 't require a drug screen before applying, for example, students receiving financial aid or Pell grants for college. Those for welfare drug testing believe if workers have to give up some rights to earn money so can those who receive checks from the government.

On the other hand he opposing side trying to abolish welfare testing claim obligatory drug screening is an ineffective way to regulate welfare because very few drug users have been found as a result, testing is unconstitutional, and costs more money than was originally being spent on the program itself which isn 't ethical and

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