The Importance Of Driving

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“Driving a car has no difference to holding a gun I tell you,” my mother would always warn me in Cantonese when we talked about me starting to begin driving. Indeed, I agreed with her. Driving a car is no different from holding a gun. Both have the ability to kill, and ultimately, it comes down to how the user controls it. Drivers have the biggest responsibility and their choices, their self-control, determines everyone’s safety on the road.

Witnessing the driver in the car next to our Kia Carnival using a phone whilst waiting at the traffic lights is a weekly occurrence for me. It’s pretty easy to spot you guys. Your hands are off the steering wheel as you grasp onto your heavenly device, praying that the pesky policemen do not catch you.
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As a road user, I have become more aware of other drivers and more aware of what others drivers do whilst driving. On car trips where I am the passenger, I always find my eyes wondering to the car on my left. I look at the driver and observe what they do. Because our car is tall, I often see everything. There are usually a few scenarios that follow. The first is when the driver just keep looking straight ahead at the road, patiently waiting for the light to turn green so they can continue onto their destination. I find inner self, my anima, nodding heavily with approval and excitement when this happens. The second is when the driver catches me watching them. What do I do in this awkward situation? Well, I smile at them! Hoping to make their day better whilst congratulating them on their terrific job as drivers. But this doesn’t go on for long, I know I shouldn’t be taking their attention off from the …show more content…
Firstly, you are physically distracted as you are require to use one hand to drive as you hold the phone with your other hand. Secondly, the mobile phone causes visual distraction. Your eyes that should be watching the road for potential dangers are diverted to your mobile phone, limiting your ability to see what is happening around you. Lastly, it is a mental distraction. Phone use whilst driving diverts the drivers attention from the task of driving and looking out for hazards. In fact, according to the Road Safety Commission of Western Australia, an approximation of 32% of all road crash deaths and serious injuries are resulted from distractions. Up to 20% of this is involved with the driver interacting with technologies- such as mobile

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