Persuasive Essay On Dress Codes In Schools

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Have you ever been sent home for wearing the wrong clothing? Have you ever been told your clothes weren’t appropriate? If you have, you’ve been a victim of violating the dress code. If there is one thing that students worry about during the school year, it would be the dress code. Removing dress codes in middle and high schools is a controversial topic recently because some say they are to help lead a safer education and prepare students for the workforce, while others say they are irrelevant and unfair. I side with those who believe they are unfair. They target girls, they don’t have an effect on the student’s work in the classroom and students should be able to express themselves through their clothing. Middle and high school dress codes should be more flexible. One reason why schools should take out dress codes is that they target girls. Most teachers or administrators will say the reason for having a dress code is to not distract students. Why are we teaching girls to be more modest and less provocative when we should be teaching the boys how to be less distracted? There are also different standards applied to girls with different body types. For example, a high school student in Missouri was told she was too “busty” and she was told she …show more content…
There should be no guns or weapons in school. Short shorts should not show girl’s butts and shirts should not have any swear words on them. Schools should have dress codes against swimwear and nudity but girls should be allowed to wear off the shoulder shirts and teachers should be more flexible with dress coding kids with shorts on a day that is 90 degrees. Schools shouldn’t force students to use clothes from lost and found or the nurse when kids are dress coded. They should get a notice or call someone to bring them clothes. This would lead kids to feel less judged and upset and would still lead a safe education and fun

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