Essay about The Importance Of Diversity At The United States

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The 35th President of the United States understood the importance of diversity in our world. The above quote is an excerpt from his Commencement Address at the American University on June 10th of 1963. Today -- 53 years later -- our generation is still trying to embrace diversity and inclusion in various ways. One of the places in which diversity and inclusion is essential is in college and university environments. For the Group Communication course held in the Fall 2016 quarter, students were assigned groups and were asked to explore different concepts relating to Group Communication theory. Members for groups were randomly selected by Dr. Boyraz, thereby allowing a greater possibility for diversity to occur. This factor of random group selection was critical because it developed a climate that was ideal for putting group members who were not familiar with one another. Eventually, the selection process forced some students to further explore the importance of group communication, as well as experience the benefits that arise from gaining further knowledge in group dynamic process.
The development of the group structure felt organic. This idea was important because, from our introductions, all members felt a sense of unity and harmony. The factor that allowed for this to be possible was our initial ice-breaker, which gave every group member further information on the other members. Common grounds that would arise were evident, which led our members to feel more…

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