The Importance Of Culture On Health

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As a young child, you are open to the possibilities of the world. You absorb everything like a sponge. On my fifth birthday, my kindergarten teacher gave me an anatomy book called How the Body Works. With it inscribed the words, Jasmine the more you learn about your body the more you learn about yourself. These words ring in my mind to this day pushing me to learn more about the body. As a physician you are not only a student, you are a teacher, a part of a team, a confidant.
Receiving this book pushed me in the direction, but it was not until I saw my father’s tender, red, achy skin, when I was twelve, that I saw outside the body to the person. My father was home alone. He turned away from the stove to go to the microwave; his shirt caught on fire. The silky fabric began to boil on his skin. As he tried to rip the shirt off of himself, he received third degree burns all over his fingers and back. He refused to go to a doctor because he didn’t feel as though he could trust them, but let me help him out instead. I helped him wrap his
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Growing in a predominantly Hispanic city, I understand what a huge impact culture has on health. Culture may also hinder communication and create misunderstanding. At a medical school community I will be able to learn many diverse cultures, along with display my understanding of my own culture.
At Medical School I will be able to learn how to take the painting and dissect what details are needed to learn the whole story. I will also be able to learn more in depth about what it takes to be a physician, including how to handle difficult situations. I will learn to be a sounding board any one could trust. I will also be able to understand more about how the body is intertwined. The more we learn about our bodies the more we learn about

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