Essay on The Importance Of Critical Thinking On The Nursing Process

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The nursing process is a framework that is reliable to make appropriate decisions (Bloniasz, 2011, p. 15). This framework, just like any other consists of five steps that can be used as a tool to guide a person. The steps are assessment, analysis, planning, implementation, and lastly evaluation (Black, 2014, p. 227). We must keep in mind that during these steps, the collaboration between the patient and the nurse should occur, and although some situations may prevent this from happening, alternative options should be taken immediately (Black, 2014, p.223). Next, Black (2014) stated that critical thinking can be defined as a mode of thinking, that addresses any concerns or problems, while the person improves the quality of their thinking with skills (p. 214). By improving their quality of thinking it ensures the nurse is solving the problem to the best of his or her abilities. Additionally, Black (2014) also clarified that the nursing process began when leaders and educators back into the 1960s recognized and termed different fundamentals of nursing intellectual process (p. 218). In the 1970s, the word diagnosis started to cause discussions on how the word needed to be used, and that was when NANDA-I first published a list of nursing diagnosis (Black, 2014, p. 218). For this purpose, throughout this paper, I will be explaining the steps in the nursing process, further explain the role and purpose of NANDA-I, compare and contrast the nursing process and critical thinking, and…

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