Nursing Process Steps In Nursing

As a Registered Nurse prioritizing between patients is crucial. The nursing process steps will be implemented with each patient the nurse has. In these scenarios, I will prioritize my patient by who is more critical and then by which poses the most risk. The cardiac patient will have priority being that he is one-day post-op. Then my elderly patient who is confused that is trying to get out of the bed, and then I would assess the Crohn 's patient after my assessment I can delegate the patient to the LPN, which will free up my time and wait for the newly admitted cardiac patient.
As a registered nurse dealing with my patient that is one-day post-op from a cardiac surgery on a morphine PCA pump is my first priority. This patient has the
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The primary nursing intervention for the RN will be to assess the patient to ensure there was not a decline in mental status. After the RN has concluded the patient is competent for their mental capability the nurse can delegate to the LPN. The LPN can help with designing the alternatives to the restraints. A few alternatives are to get a trained sitter or family members to sit with the patient. Assist patient to the bathroom frequently, which can be done by the UAP, assign confused or disoriented patients to rooms near the nurses ' station and observe them frequently, which is done by the LPN. When all of the possible alternatives have been exhausted, the RN would have to contact the doctor to get an order for physical or chemical restraints. According to Potter," always consider and implement alternatives to restraints first (385)."
The next patient is dealing with the flare up of Crohn 's disease and will be having a colonoscopy the next day has to also make sure the steps in the nursing process is met. The Registered nurse should make sure the patient 's initial assessment is done and the patient understands the consent for the procedure. After, the RN can delegate the patient to the LPN. The LPN can administer oral medication to the patient if he needs it for pain. The LPN can also monitor the intake of the fluid the patient has to drink for his procedure
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When prioritizing the Registered nurse has to determine which patient will be cared for depending on the urgency of the patient. According to Potter, "priorities help you to anticipate and sequence nursing interventions when a patient has multiple nursing diagnosis and collaborative problems (237)." Sometimes a patient condition can decline and this will put that patient at a higher priority. Communication is very important when the delegator passes on the task to the delegate because it needs to be within the scope of practice for which the task is being passed down. The delegate needs to fully understand what she is being asked to do, because a failure to care for the patient properly may result in legal action or harm to the

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