Chemotherapy Essay

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When patients with cancer need to undergo therapies such as chemotherapy or radiation many side effects occur during those processes that could severely damage the patient’s self confidence. Cosmetics hold a high value with great significance for these patients, that help women stay intact with their culture and confidence from using wigs, makeup, body therapies, and plastic surgeries. Cosmetologist and oncoplastic surgeons take required college courses to pursue a career in this field. These cosmetologists who focus solely on cancer patients, aim to help people regain the confidence lost throughout the illness, and relieve the patient’s anxiety in order to nourish them back to health. As cancer progresses to more people the future holds …show more content…
Directors of these programs set up wig fittings, and give lessons on how to use hair wraps and apply makeup to help them look more healthy. These women who go through the programs also suffer from loss of self confidence, since many cultures frown upon not having hair as a woman. Hair and weight loss also consistently reminds patients of how sick they appear (Zannini et al. 1). Hospitals solely contain these classes and programs to help women create a new outlook on their cancer lifestyle, and help them grieve with the side effects that follow it. The classes not only teach about makeup and hair accessory applications, but they also give therapeutic body massages and orientations about how to live with the causes of cancer as well as how to relieve the stress and pain of it. One extremely popular massage used, called Reiki therapy, concentrates on soothing the mind, soul, and body. The term stands for universal (Rei) life force energy (ki). A 1997 study shows that Reiki helps support and increase a cancer patients quality of life through the force of life energy into the patient (Bossi, Ott, and DeCristofaro 491). National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicines (NCCAM) confirms that study with the definition of Reiki therapy as an energy forced therapy through electromagnetic fields in the body (489). The therapy consists of different hand positions on the head and front and back of the torso of the patient. The therapy typically last about 45- 90 minutes, however the patient can change it to a preferred time length (490). Ultimately, the therapy helps patients feel more calm, relaxed, and reduces their anxiety and pain levels. It also creates a more peaceful rest time and gives aid to patients in falling and staying

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