The Importance Of Communication Skills In Business

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1. Introduction
No living person can live with an unexpressed feeling. Thus, the need for communication arises due to the need to express. The same logic applies at every workplace, organization or any other place. The need for communication and the ability to communicate helps in developing efficient management, organizational skills, laying down plans, establishing a healthy work culture and resolving impending issues. (srivastava, 2011)
Communication skills plays a vital role in our lives especially in business and education fields. Communication can be defined as the process of sharing information, thoughts and feelings between people through speaking, writing or body language. While effective communication however extends the concept
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Communication in business is important for survival and development in business calls for cooperation between and among various individuals who have different backgrounds, hopes and aspirations. Therefore in order to have a progressive and harmonious interaction between and among these parties it is important for them to be equipped with a good communication skills. (kazungu, 2014)
3.1 Widen the company reach in the marketplace
The main importance of having a good communication skills in business is, it can help your company to expand the company reach in the marketplace. You can know tgeverything there is to know about your business, services, mission statement and vision, but if you can’t express it with the right words out in the marketplace, chances are your growth will be very minimal. (mayberry, 2014) For example, if you have a good proposal or idea for your company and you are having a good communication skill, you will know exactly how to effectively deliver the proposal or plan the world.
3.2 Efficient communication produce effective working
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Good communication skills help the employer to visualize the vision, goals and plan of attack to the staff effectively. Hence, the employees will be able to gain new skills and abilities. In addition, good communication skills also help to motivate the employees. One of the most valuable aspects of mastering the skill of communication is having the ability to inspire your employees. The best business owners out there know the importance of finding the time to inspire their employees and help them see past the roadblocks and setbacks that may be present in their lives. (mayberry,

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