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If each person had a good childhood, how different could the world be? Over the course

of an average person’s life, childhood only takes up a small portion of time and memories. Yet it

can be so crucial that a person has good experiences and memories from this time in their young

lives. Mental health and stability later in life depend greatly on what a person experiences during

their formative years. The novel, It by Stephen King, is a psychological thriller that exploits the

idea that children’s fear is a power so strong; ‘It’ can literally kill people. It follows a group of

friends known as The Losers’ Club who encounter ‘It’ and are forced to deal with the reality of

this evil. The children move away and grow old, most of them forgetting
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Every three or so decades It awakens and feeds on the children of

Derry. During this spell, Pennywise targeted the Losers’ Club writing a message for them in their

club house, “Written on the inside of the door, written in drying blood, were these words: STOP


PENNYWISE” (It, Stephen King P.840). In the novel, the children from the Losers’ Club are

arguably the toughest characters in the book. They are afraid of Pennywise but they came to

realize that if it was not them who solved the problem, he would not only kill them but he would

live on the kill more children. Without the help of the adults in Derry, this group of friends takes

it upon themselves to kill ‘It’. In what is known as The Ritual of Chud, the children force ‘It’

into an early hibernation cycle. This ritual is an extremely stressful and trauma inducing incident,

because the children did it without adult help they must cope with the situation alone too. Since

the children never received any kind of proper treatment for the physical and emotional trauma

they experienced, it will leave a lasting mark on their
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For example, one of the main characters in the novel, William, more

commonly known as Bill, has a stuttering issue. In the beginning of the novel, Pennywise kills

Bill’s younger brother George. While Bill had a stuttering issue before the death of his brother, it

began to get worse. Because of the trauma Bill experience when his younger brother was

murdered, his cognitive processing became hindered by the fear. The study spends a great deal of

time talking about anxiety, and fear induced anxiety. For the characters in the novel, the trauma

they experience causes a life long detrimental effect to them. King used the characters to display

ideas like the ones resulting from this study; fear and emotional trauma in early childhood can

result in childhood and consequently adult anxiety.

It is much easier for a person to bottle up their emotions, than to face the reality of a

difficult or traumatizing event that occurred in their lifetime. Adults may have more insight and

hindsight, in knowing that it is better to share emotions and speak of experiences than to

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