Why People Cheat Essay

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Many people cheat in school and at universities. I have been a personal witness to cheating for many years. Trough out my high school days, I had a friend who was nitrous for sheeting and graduated after cheating her way through.
After reading the case study, my gut feeling was that I would probably report my friend. It is one thing to cheat and cheat yourself from learning the material. It’s another thing to cheat and affect others due to your lack of responsibility. I would not be hiring other people to do my homework for me. I would not want to level up with that student that is cheating and possibly hurting other people in the class. I would defiantly report my friend to the professor or at lease give him a tip that I think they may be cheating. I would also confront my friend and tell them that they are going to learn the material. How are they going to be a good, successful nurse if they cheat their way through school?
If my friend is upset about me ratting them out, I would just wait for them to get over it. If there were 100 students and only 15 of them could get As, I would look to see what the current grades are for the class. If only 10 people has As in the class I would probably
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Today Daisy still doesn’t really know how to show up to work on time and often asks for sick days. That is a good example of cheating yourself with cheating. All those years of her not doing her own work and she is dealing with long-term consequences.
People cheat often, whether it is in school of at their work place. Cheating is not the right thing to do. Either way its only cheating yourself out of the knowledge and gives you more credit than you deserve. It can also heart others around you. Many people see cheating and don’t confront them or tell anything about it. Maybe people should be more willing to inform professors about seeing people cheat. In the long run it would help your friend or

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