The Importance Of Car Safety For Driving On And Off The Road

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While driver responsibility and attention to the road are required when driving on and off the road, there’s no denying the importance of having the right set of safety features. Car safety features, whether these are standard on the vehicle or as options, are critical in ensuring the general well-being of the driver, the passengers and even the pedestrians. This is the reason why the government has rules and regulations in place when it comes to the safety standards that should be included in every make and model, and suggested car safety car options. But just like other products and services, car safety features and options are available in large numbers, all featuring a distinct role on and off the road. So how can your choose the right …show more content…
If you are looking for a competent used car or a brand new one, you may want to consider the following standard safety gears and features.

1. Airbags. Since 1998, car manufacturers have consistently added these airbags as standards on different makes and models. When the sensors in the cars will detect a potential front-end collision, the on-board computer will send a signal to the airbags for its to inflate in just a few seconds, thus protecting the passengers.

While airbags are known to prevent injuries during collision, there’s also a chance that airbags can cause injuries. Airbags can cause problems and injuries to passengers, especially kids and younger passengers, if they are not wearing their seat belts. This is the reason why experts recommend that children under 12 should occupy the rear seats, and they should wear seat restraints.To help counter this issue, manufacturers have introduced adaptive airbags starting 2003. These airbag systems can detect the presence, position and weight of passengers, thus provide responsive support. Another option is the side airbag, a type of airbag that helps protect passengers from side
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Some of these safety features are now available in luxury and high-end makes and models, and many of these modern safety features are now available as an option, which can inflate the car’s total cost.

1.Brake assist. This is a helpful accident avoidance feature that can help you if you are suddenly caught off-guard on the road. For example, a pedestrian or a dog suddenly crosses the road, and you make a panic stop. The brake assist will apply the maximum braking force, in case it notices a ‘panic stop’.

2.Forward-collision warning (FCW). This is a great accident avoidance feature that will scan the road for fast-approaching vehicles, or when a frontal crash is imminent. Once a fast-approaching car is detected, the system will be alerted using sounds or other visual alert mechanisms.

3.Pedestrian detection. Cars fitted with this system will use a camera to track pedestrians on the road. Just like in forward-collision warning, the driver will be alerted by sounds or other visual cues in case the camera detects pedestrians that are moving too close to the

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