The Importance Of Breakfast

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Student’s Name : Nur Hidayah Bt Abd Talib
Matric Number : 2017465222
Faculty / Group : FSPU
Class : AP224 3i

Speech Title : The importance of taking a breakfast on daily day
General Purpose : To persuade
Specific Purpose : To persuade my audience to aware the important of taking breakfast on a daily basis.
Central Idea : Eating breakfast daily is an essential part of life because it gives you healthy benefit, save money and gives you plenty of energy to take on the day.


(Monroe sequence – ATTENTION)
I. How many of you here ate breakfast this morning?
II. According Today’s Health Magazine, 67% of our nation’s college students skip breakfast on a regular basis.
III. For most of us, morning comes way too
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I have become very aware of this problem since I always lack of energy and difficulty concentrating during in class has plagued me all the time. I have made it my personal mission to reverse these troubling tendencies and share my knowledge about the importance taking a breakfast in our daily life.
IV. So, what if I told you by making a little change in your lifestyle by having a breakfast so that you won’t be tired throughout the day and become more energetic during class.
A. According to America Heart Association, breakfast-eaters tend to have lower rates of high cholesterol, heart disease and high blood pressure.
B. It also can improve your immune system, have a good mood and overall have a better health
V. After extensive research, I discovered why eating breakfast is so important.
VI. Today, I hope to persuade each of you that eating breakfast every morning will gives you a lot of health benefits, help to save money and it gives you plenty of energy to take on the
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There is an effect if you skipped your breakfast
A. You lose energy
1. When you skip breakfast, your body may not enough energy to perform actively. This is because the body may start taking energy stored as glucose from your tissue which can causes you to feel exhausted.
2. If you skip breakfast, you are more likely to experience a mid-morning slump that can make you loss concentrating.
B. Your metabolism drop
1. Your body’s metabolism is the rate at which you burn calories for daily life functions.
2. The faster your metabolism, the faster you burn off foods you eat which help you to maintain a healthy weight.
I- In a nutshell, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and people must aware the side effect if skipping breakfast.
II- Furthermore, there is an evidence out there that says starting your day with a healthy breakfast gives a lot of beneficial because your brain became more active, boost up your energy and also put you in a good mood.
III- For student, they will be more concentrate if they taking a breakfast before going to class. If they do not eat breakfast, they will continue hungry, loss concentration and not in good mood if they continue to skip

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