The Importance Of Brand Strategy

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Brand Strategy is simply long-term marketing supporting the image of a company or organization which based on the target audience. Brand strategy must include the understanding of the consumer’s needs and wants of the brand. For some, they believe that they can sell a product without developing an effective brand strategy. Although a product or service is supposed to represent a positive experience and with a strong brand strategy it will successfully launch off of the market. When a consumer purchases a product, it is not based solely off of the product, they have to keep in mind the price and especially the brand. The brand leaves consumers with consumer inputs, emotions, memories and facts that remain in their mind. (Denari) Following this …show more content…
Targeting a specific audience allows the brand to send marketing materials and messages to consumers who are likely to buy product and services that are offered by the organization. Once a company achieves a target audience it allows them to determine when and where to target the market essentially. According to Mandy Porta, defining a target audience can be achieved by viewing the customer database, checking out the competition, analyze the product and services, choose demographics and psychographics, and evaluate the information. …show more content…
Not necessarily in the geographical sense but rather where in people’s heads you want to place it. According to Simon Middleton, positioning is a “relative” concept. What he means by that is the space your brand will occupy in the hearts and minds of your consumer relative to other brands within the same industry (Middleton, 112). In order to have a strong brand positioning, it’s vital to have a clear position where you can be able to explain it, promote it and defend it against competitors. Another key element to keep in mind is to have a different position from your competitor in order to be unique. You never want to occupy a competitor 's position who is more resourced and better established than your brand (Middleton, 115).
Brand Image: Brand image is simply the perception or imprint of a brand in which is developed over time within the consumer’s mind. (Bhasin) A company who has a positive image over a company with a negative image can easily depict the overall success rate. This concept is an important part of brand strategy, because it relates to the beliefs and views from a consumer or specific target audience about a brand. Nevertheless, character and value factor into image, since this is how you will attract a prospective consumer and drive

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