A Constructive Relation Between Brand Loyalty And Perceived Equity Concepts

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2.11 Brand Perceived quality
Perceived quality is where the quality of the brand is seen by the consumers. It is one of the main element in the brand equity concepts. There is a link between price of the brand and knowledge of the quality of brand. A well recommended brand always has a high price. The high quality of brand become the sign of high price of brand to the consumers. The quality of brand always concerned with high associate for consumer buying a special brand. However, when the consumers image of brand is higher than expected quality, they may buy the brand because of their expectations for the quality that influenced them to buy (Dens, & De Pelsmacker, 2016). A constructive relation between brand loyalty and perceived quality
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When the consumer has the strong loyalty of any company brand they will tend to rely on that brand, although competitors in the market will try by all means to convenient the customer through offering them with low price then consumers will buy the brand (Romaniuk, & Nenycz-Thiel, 2013). Then brand loyalty of the consumer for that brand will be increase, and their vulnerability will be decreased in the continuity to buying that brand as a symbol of the consumer brand loyalty. However, some customers don’t see this as the most accurate way of consumer brand loyalty because some consumers are habitual buyer of certain brand base on the advertisement and promotions. According to Binninger, (2008), brand loyalty has six different components which includes the biased, social response, units of consumer decision making and availabilities of different brand of psychological process. Consumer’s attitude and their behaviour can affects brand loyalty through various factors such as brand name, pricing, product quality, environmental issue, promotion and quality services …show more content…
Consumer based brand equity is the feature of consumer brand awareness which developed a differential influence on the consumer attitude toward the brand. According to Keller (2003), there are three different main types of brand associations and such main factors are as follows; attributes, attitudes and the value. The attributes of any product are the specific features of the brand which can be still categories into product brand related feature. (General product) and non-brand related feature (product price information, product packaging and it usages) the main fundamental function of brand association is to help consumers to gain information about the product. Sometimes a consumer tends to forget the products they want to buy but with the help of brand association consumer can be able to make their decision regarding products use brand association as brief summary (Romaniuk, & Nenycz, Thiel, 2013, 2011). In addition, brand associations help consumers to reflect their mind regarding the past experience they got from the product. Furthermore, brand association help companies to make differential brand from other companies brand products. Brand association has a link with the brand positioning in the market because when the brand is well position in market its difficult to be

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