The Importance Of Body Image

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Register to read the introduction… This can affect them by making them depressed, and even make them feel insecure. When people have a poor body image, they just feel unhappy and depressed about themselves as people. Normally this happens to people that let themselves go. But you have the people that want to change, so they do. “When people have a poor body image, they can end up feeling unhappy or even downright depressed about themselves as people” (Fitzhugh 6). There is a huge difference between people that are satisfied with their image and the people who aren’t. It shows that girls are more worried about their appearance than boys. This shows that girls stress more about what they look like and try too hard to impress other people. “Estimates from community samples of adolescents suggest that as many as 46% of girls and 26% of boys report significant distress about their body size and shape, while only 12% of girls and 17% of boys indicate that they are satisfied with their body shape” (Presnell). Social phobia causes people to have lower self-esteem and, more distorted body image, than people who don’t have it. “Results show that persons with social phobia have lower self-esteem and more distorted body image than to those without social phobia and it is important that patients with social phobia develop a positive change in their self-imagination for successful psychological therapy” (Izgic). There are so many pressures on people to fit this perfect image, that today’s society sets for the younger generation. For example, I’m not skinny enough. They would rather be more concered with looking good, than being healthy. “I think there is a lot of pressure on them to look good” Dunlap says. “I think they will sacrifice being healthy in order to look good” …show more content…
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