The Hypocrisy: The Destruction Of Black Life

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Just imagine that you had a school of all one colored skin and not being able to talk to anyone else besides the color of your skin. Imagine that you are on a bus and have to just sit in the back all the times. Black lives had so many problems with their lives, and having other people telling you what to do all the time. Imagine that if you did something wrong that you might be killed. That's how black lives had to live for most of their time alive. For many years black lives have be treated unfairly. They would be kicked out of places people didn’t want them to be. If they didn't listen to the white people they also could have be killed or hung (Lebron 7). Also, about more than 3,400 black Americans were killed between 1862 and 1868 (Lebron …show more content…
Treated black lives failed with both the nation and to its citizens ( Lebron 3). Sometimes black lives would often spotlighted the shameful hypocrisy of a white democracy (Lebron 3). Black lives had to lives with all of the bad, farmful, devastating violence for many years to go on until the Emancipation Proclamation (Lebron 3). The Emancipation Proclamation would free all blacks from be being owned from whites ( Lebron 3). It also failed to usher in an era of genuine black freedom (Lebron 3). What blacks loved the most that was the most precious and fragile was the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation was there freedom (Lebron 23). They were able to be free and do what they want to do without the white people telling them to do, but some white people still told the black what to do and still tried to control them (Lebron 23). Blacks were able to take comfort in their status as independent and be free (Lebron 7). Some blacks went and fought against the south and some went to get a job (Lebron 7). Black were able to be unshackled from plantations ( Lebron 3). After the were able to be unshackled white people told blacks that there freedom remained dependent on there goodwill (Lebron 3). But it ended up that the goodwill was not forthcoming (Lebron

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