Compare And Contrast Washington And Booker T. Dubois

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Washington and Du Bois both wrote during the 20th century when black people were just were beginning to try and fight for civil rights. They were two sides of the same coin when it came to decided what was the best approach for black people to begin this movement towards equality. Booker T. Washington believed that if we showed ourselves to be productive members of society and achieve economic independence that it would lead to true equality, so for right now we should set aside needs for civil rights. On the other hand W.E.B. Du Bois believed that it needed to happen much sooner than later and they both had their own reasons for why they thought they were right. To begin with Washington he gave several ideas as to why he believes patience …show more content…
Washington,”Atlanta Exposition Address,”Not Just In February, ed. College of Charleston African American Studies Program(Southlake Tx:Fountainhead Press, 2015),166
Then you have the ideas of W.E.B. Du Bois, he was definitely seen as more radical compared to Booker T. Washington. Also he is basically the opposite of Booker T. Washington. He wants black people to stand up for their rights now and that there should be no waiting for things that should already belong to African Americans in the first place. He also hates the idea of purposely not going for things that white people already have, because to him it was enforcing this idea of inferiority of African Americans that was already being seen during this time.
W.E.B. Du Bois basically stands for the advancement of African Americans and for them to oppose the oppression that has been forced upon them. The most basic rights that he asks for is the right to vote, civic equality, and the education of youth based on ability. He also thinks that the south should be judged critically for what they still do to African American these days, although he does understand that what happened in the past was not the current generations fault, he would not stand by patience and let it happen again. Then even though he wants this to be done he does want it to be done peacefully, because he knows that without peace it can’t be done right
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Washington and others, 59.
To me both Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Du Bois had good reasons for why they chose the paths of advancement that they did. I think that if I were alive during this time I would have to side with W.E.B. Du Bois he was just more convincing than Washington, because his way would seemly happen a lot faster and safer. Then after we achieve what W.E.B. Du bois was asking for then it would be easier to get what Washington was asking for.
Without the protection of laws or amendments there was no way that during this time that black people were going to be able to get any kind of wealth, social standing, or education from black schools for it to seem like they were important parts of the society. Also if African American were to continue to act like they were inferior to whites the harder it would be to convince them otherwise when we finally did go for our civil rights. There was just no way that Washington’s plan would have worked out how he planned it

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