Problems African Americans Faced During Reconstruction

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Slavery is a person owned by someone else who has no freedom at all. They are told what to do and what not to do and basically being controlled at all times. They are forced to work just because and have no rewards to it. They are owned by white people and after the Civil War many states outlawed slavery because they believed it was unfair, but it was the state’s choice so some states choice to keep segregation laws. The two main points that I will discuss in my essay are the root causes of the problems and issues African Americans faced during the Reconstruction Era into the 20th century and the solutions DuBois proposed to solve these problems.
The root causes of the problems and issues that African Americans faced were narrowed down solely
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Slavery brought tons of hard work, cruel punishments for no apparent reason and labor, but at least shelter and food was offered even if the rations were tiny. For slaves, they weren 't usually referred to as African Americans, but as Negroes or blacks, when in reality they are African Americans. This brings about the “double consciousness”(DuBois XIII), which are the two identities tied around “African American”. The part that everyone seems to get right is the African part, which refers more to their black culture, but the part they forget to recognize is the American part. The American part is said to be the only reason the black man was born is because of slavery. "Oh," thought I, "this is lucky", but even then felt the awful shadow of the Veil, for they ate first, then I---alone" (DuBois 50). A veil is a piece of clothing that conceals the face, this relates to the suppression of the African Americans because whites think they understand the day-to-day life of being black or a slave. They think they know what it feels like to live black to black, but they cannot relate in any aspect. He was confronted with the existence of the veil when DuBois had dinner with a white men and he had to wait for

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