The Importance Of Being Reflective : An Effective Teacher Essay examples

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The Importance of Being Reflective:
It is important for teachers to look back and reflect on themselves and their teaching. Reflecting allows one to see where their strengths and weaknesses are. Then you can use what you know to improve and utilize more of what 's working well, and fix or remove what 's not. During the 30 hour practicum, we were expected to record specific information and events. Afterwards, we had to reflect and write what we learnt from those observations. This allowed us to further understand and learn from what we had observed. During and after the practicum I filled out 2 self assessment forms, reflecting on myself and how I felt in a classroom. This allowed me to see how much I had grown and learned from this experience.

The Necessity of Classroom Management:
To be an effective teacher it is absolutely necessary to have good classroom management skills. A teacher needs to hold authority and control over their students to succeed in educating. During my time in a grade 2 classroom, I have seen for myself how important classroom management is. This class was full of energetic students who seeker negative or positive attention and had issues staying on task. This appeared to be a difficult class for the teacher to manage, but she was more often than not successful in teaching them. If the teacher was unable to manage her class, the students education would 've suffered greatly. On more than one occasion I witnessed the students getting completely…

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