The Importance Of Being Christians In The Bible

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People today are so judgmental it makes me want to cry. I have a friend, who is very dear to me, who has been judge by so many people. I was raised to be nonjudgmental and kind, and it literally hurts my heart to see my friend being judge because he is gay. People bully him because they believe it is “wrong” to be gay because the Bible says so. I find it ridiculous. I am a Christian, and I believe in the word of the Bible. However, I also believe the bible was written in a time where a lot of the things today were never even thought of so of course they were considered unholy. A lot of people who are Christian have a problem with a person being gay and say many terrible things about people who are gay. I know the Bible says that being gay is an abomination and is a sin, but the Bible also says that Jesus died on the cross to forgive us all of our sins and that he loves all his children no matter what. The Bible also says that for a person to be a good Christian they do not judge others. I know a lot of supposedly “good Christian” who were the main people who were so terrible to my friend just because he was gay. So what we can gather from that is, people can see being gay as wrong but they are not supposed to judge a person if they are a good Christian.
I personally do not care if a person is straight,
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I do not understand that. I do not think they “choose” to be treated terribly, for their parents, not always, to be ashamed of them, for people to tell them that they are going to hell that no one loves them, that they are “abominations”, and worst of all some are even told they do not deserve to live and they should kill themselves. I HATE it. When my friend told me that someone said that to them, my heart literally broke when I looked at his face. He was so devastated, and he started crying. It broke my heart in two, and I was so angry. He is a person! No one deserves what he went through. NO

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