David Buechner Persuasive Analysis

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David Buechner, one of the most talented pianists of all time had undergone a life altering surgery to change his sex from a male to a female. His new name that he lives by now is Sara Davis Buechner. He has stated since at the age of five years old, he wished to look and grow up to be just like his mother, although he was aware that he was a boy. He played the gender role as a male for over thirty some years that a lot of his family and friends were shocked when he came out of the closet. They had a hard time believing in the news because they knew him as the type of guy that had so many pretty women by his side for many years and was once married to a woman before. David said that he had always felt like a lady stuck in a man’s body. He …show more content…
Therefore, who am I to judge? I don’t agree with people having their sex changed. I believe we are all uniquely and wonderfully created to be who God has made us to be. If one is born a male then he will always be a male and if one is born a female then and she always be a female. However, if one is born a hermaphrodite, then this is a different story because it is up to the person to choose which of the sex to go with. However, I feel like we are all human being who seeks to live a fulfilling life one way or the other. In David Buechner’s case, after all of this process to becoming a woman, he would never fully be a true woman only an imitation and probably would still not be happy with his life until he finds true happiness within himself.
4) What impressions did you form from looking at her current website. (one paragraph)
The impressions I got from looking at her current website is that she is not just a pianist. She is also knowledgeable with online apps and websites. She has about ten links on her website, from piano lessons, to creating apps, to games and online dating. I guess she is making her money in a different way since a lot of her old customer had refused her services, since she had changed her identity. In addition, her website seems simple and one would not assume that she was once a man. Her website seems like another form of google.
5) Why
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Anything out of that context is considered somewhat abnormal. Maybe this is why individuals may feel anxious or ambivalent about their sexual identity. For example, one might perceive a true family to consist of a mother, a father and the children. A lot has changed since the nuclear family time. At this day in age, two fathers or two mothers and children are considered a family. Some might or might not accept this kind of orientation. Another reason might be due to one’s religious beliefs, that if the bible condemns it then it is wrong. Also, people might see all of these sexual identity complex as a threat the existence of humanity because human made to

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