Essay about The Importance Of Being A Good Leader

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Leadership develops over time as we grow and mature. Our first teachers are the people we are surrounded by during our formative years (Willard, n.d.). Although we can’t always pick the people we grow up around we can certainly choose the good traits and characteristics they possess. Ethical leaders use the body, mind and soul to provide internal direction so they can be at their best. As I reflect on my ethical body and leadership, it becomes clear that I am a combination of a participative and servant leader. Considering the importance of being a good leader, one of the most important traits is to be honest with those you lead. Honesty when dealing with others develops a trust between leader and follower which fosters a sense of caring for one another (Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership, n.d.). Followers want someone they can trust to lead them in a positive direction. As a leader in a public high school it is a goal of mine to help teachers grow and develop into the best teachers they can become (Greenleaf for Servant Leadership, n.d.). Being honest with teachers during their yearly evaluation is one way to help them grow. Discussing positive and negative of the teacher observation will be most effective for administrator and teacher if both are honest about what happened during the observation. This is an opportunity for administrators to ask honest and open questions that invites the teacher to reach deeper and allow the teacher to answer more…

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