The Importance Of Being A Good Communicator Essay

702 Words Feb 11th, 2016 3 Pages
Communication is the key to being successful in all of your life endeavors. With good communication it is much easier to achieve the goals you have in your life. Communication is a multifaceted concept. The most major aspect is the ability to handle conflict through the use of good communication. For me that is why I try everyday to improve my communication. Through the use of communication you can either raise more of a conflict or dissolve a conflict before it starts. This is done by having the ability to talk to people personally as well as talking to big groups of people. That decision is up to how you are able to communicate to your audience. The key to being a good communicator is experiencing and developing good communication skills when faced with conflict.

The major aspect of being a good communicator is how to deal with conflict. One important thing with me when dealing with conflict is if I find myself getting emotional I take a second and regroup. I feel that to properly communicate you cannot be emotional. If you try to deal with conflict by using emotion your message will not get displayed as well. With this in mind I commonly just take a second to think through the situation and come from a logical and non-emotional standpoint. I also attempt to see the perspective of the other person to better understand where they are coming from. I feel like oral communication comes to me easier than most people because of practice. I try to set out and talk to people…

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