The Importance Of Being A Critical Thinker

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To be an active reader means not to be just someone who likes to read all of the time but to become more involved in what the reader is reading. It is important to engage while you’re reading because you’re more likely to understand the text more clearly. To be a critical thinker means to be able to think for yourself and to be reliable and being responsible for making decisions that affect your life. This semester I have done a lot of reading and writing which had pertained to both active reading and being a critical thinker. Being a critical thinker in this writing class makes you add your own thoughts and analyze important issues regarding the books that we read. Also shows you to contemplate the meaning of a certain text. Being an active …show more content…
I would use unnecessary punctuation, weird transitions, and awkward quote integration. I learned how to identify and work through these grammar weaknesses by the feedback provided by Dr.Harris correcting what I said wrong and by circling the errors made on my paper showed me exactly what I did wrong. He also would write comments on my paper stating what I needed to work on and the things that I did that were good. I think that I still continue to struggle with my grammar when it comes to the correct use of punctuation. I think that for me to better at using proper grammar I should go to a writing tutor to help better my grammar and also ask my professor for feedback for things that could help improve my grammar weakness. In this class we didn’t share texts through an online environment. All of our work was always typed and handed in, in class .We were able to draft, review, and edit our papers in class. We would have peer reviews where we would get one of our classmates to read what we have so far on our papers and give them feedback. While drafting our papers in my class we were able to get feedback from Dr.Harris to show where we need improvement on or just to help get us started on a

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