The Importance Of Being A Christian

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I noticed a Christian foundation that aired commercials about families and the Book of Mormon. I assumed it was a foundation because it had a long name that I could never remember. The commercials made me feel good about being a Christian, which was all that was important to me at that moment. I felt so happy that I decided to believe in Christ again and have something in common with other Christians. I experienced a great measure of happiness because I had faith.
One day, I watched a documentary about the Greek Church. The information I remember from the documentary troubled me. The Eastern Orthodox Church does things a little differently than the Catholic Church, as I understood it. I considered going to the Catholic Church since it was
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I no longer felt that their presence was exciting. I already knew all of that stuff! I knew we were all children of God and that Jesus was my Savior. In the first discussion , the missionaries taught about God and Jesus among other things.
I just did not want to hear anything about what I already knew. I exhibited all the negative social queues hoping they would notice my intimations and vamoose! I did not want to be rude. I could not force them out. So, I sat waiting for the right time to kill the discussion.
Right about the time I determined to end the discussion, an amazing thing occurred! One of the missionaries mentioned prophets. An alarm sounded, resonating in my soul and my whole spirit listened. In my mind, I began to connect the two things that mattered to me most at that time: no crosses on their church and the word saint in the name of the church.
It was as if a choir started singing and was approaching the loudest part of the crescendo—right before the ending hallelujah! No one existed but those two men in my life from that point on as they open the bible and shared Amos chapter three verse seven, “Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets

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