The Importance Of Becoming A Doctor And The Work Essay

1057 Words Jan 12th, 2016 null Page
With all the school work that I have, I thought of finding an activity that will take my mind off work. Apart from my biggest involvement in dance, I have also been involved with the Pre-Medical Society, summer programs, and church. In addition to relieving me from my school and family stress, being involved in such activities has helped my social and time management skills.
In school, I have involved myself in the Pre-Medical Society since the beginning of my freshman year. Every other week, different types of doctors come to my school and elaborate on their profession. They talk about how they what they achieved, what they had to study, and why the like it. Apart from getting to know different types of doctors, I also had the chance to take college medical classes such as Medical Terminology and Embryology. These courses opened my mind to the possibilities of becoming a doctor and the work I would go through in college but it was a good preparation. Most importantly, I had the chance to help organize events for the children at Chris Evert Children’s Hospital. We organize events for the hospital such as Pizza’s and Christmas parties. It has been a really big opportunity to be a part of this because I love seeing all these children smile and be happy. They get excited when they see Santa and their presents. The club raises money in order to buy the children the gifts they want. It has really encouraged me to be more interested in Medicine. Therefore, in summer 2014, I…

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