Arranged Marriages Pros And Cons

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Arranged marriages have been practiced for hundreds of years and are even still practiced today in some cultures. Arranged marriages are usually practiced by non-western cultures in parts of the world including Africa, India, and Asia. The definition of arranged marriage is “ a type of marriage in which the families of the bride and groom negotiate an arrangement before the two parties enter into a relationship” (Kunz, 2013, P.5). The parents of the bride and groom, for numerous reasons including financial reasons, political power, and etc, usually set these types of marriages for their children with many times giving the children little say in who they get to marry. In some cultures, brides and grooms are even selected during childhood on …show more content…
People should be able to choose freely who they wish to marry without being forced upon by someone else to marry someone they do not want to be with. Parents and elders may have wise opinions but it is not right for them to make the ultimate decision of marriage for someone else other than themselves. From the research I have gathered, the influence of western countries and an increasingly modern world are both slowly phasing out arranged marriages. One point that I do empathize with is that arranged marriages can be done to help secure a stable future between the two people being wed. It is understandable for parents or elders to want success for their children and for them to choose a safe option rather than taking the risk with a potentially hazardous partner for their family member being wed. I believe the line is crossed though when they begin to forcefully choose who their child will marry without giving into consideration whether or not the child likes the partner. What surprised me was that there are a large number of young singles in India who actually opt in for an arranged marriage for the security. This is understandable however as they simply believe that their parents know what is best for them and their …show more content…
Parents and elders were the ones who raised their child so it makes sense that they have a decent idea of who would be a good marriage partner for their child. However, the ultimate decision on the marriage itself should lie solely on the people getting married, as this decision is based on their very own lives, not the lives of someone else. Such an arrangement between two people where both individuals don’t whole-heartedly agree upon it can lead to consequences in the

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