Pros And Cons Of Forced Marriages

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Forced marriages are considered morally wrong most of the time. However, arranged marriages may considered to be right because some religions believe that you should respect your parents and elderly’s. Arranged marriages are not considered morally wrong as long as the individuals are willing and agree to the marriage. On the other hand, arranged marriages between unwilling couples is immoral.

It might also considered to be wrong because everyone should have the RIGHT to choose/decide who they want to marry and one very important factor is you may make your parents and relatives happy but the person you marry may not be the ‘right’ one for you and might have to suffer the rest of your life with someone you’re not happy with. Unlike the western countries, many south-asian countries don’t allow
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Reasons for carrying out forced marriages include; strengthening and extending family links, keeping the wealth in the extended family, the couple has a firm trust in their in-laws, at least in most of the cases. This keeps the families united and happy. There are no social, ethical or cultural setbacks after a forced/arranged marriage in most cases. One of the most powerful reasons for arranged/forced marriages is finding a companion who is suitable ethnically, religiously, socially and culturally.

There is a saying in Hinduism that when a girl gets married, she doesn’t just marry the man, but indeed marries the whole family. So some cultures believe that if they choose a good husband for their daughter, their daughter would be happy. Divorce is also low at risk because since most forced marriages take place in eastern communities particularly in South-Asian countries such as India, where divorce is almost impossible. In Islam, marriages are not considered to be ‘made in heaven’ between ‘soul mates’ designed for each other.


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