Animals Should Not Be Kept In Zoos

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Animals should not be kept in zoos or parks because they are not meant to be kept in capacity all their life. Although wild animals have been kept captive for thousands of years. What started it all was the first modern zoo was opened in Paris France. As many people became interested in natural history and science, zoos served as a way to display and study animals. Today zoos provide opportunities for entertainment in education, as well as scientific research and conservation (“Learn More About Animals in Zoo”). Most zoos do not try to replicate the lavish zoos, jungles, savannah, and dense forest where animals belong (“Zoos: An idea….”). Zoos help with saving endangered species and help the withe survival against predators. Zoos help …show more content…
Zoos also provide the correct medicine needed that helps the animals get better if they get sick. Zoos are told that they are better for animals than the wild because the wild has dangerous poisonous things out there that might can kill the animals. Also, many people like zoos because they say it provides more information about the animals and it is very educational for children. Some test also proves that animals live longer in captivity than they do in the wild because in zoos the animals have a healthy life and are safe (“Should Animals Be Kept In Zoos”). The reasons against are that many people consider zoos to be a horrible cage for animals. People think that animals need a place to run wild and be free because after all, everybody deserves freedom in their life (“Should Animals Be Kept in Zoos”). Also, many animals are fed sweets and other things that they are not supposed to have and that can harm them. Some zoos make animals very dependent on them. Some of the benefits that zoos provide might hurt the animals.
Each year the total number of the amount of people that visited zoos are 175,000,000. The annual Zoo and aquarium revenue in the U.S. is 5,136,250,000 a year. The number of species housed in zoos is 6,126. The total number of endangered species in zoos is 1,041. The amount of money that is contributed by zoos and
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When an animal dies in the zoo, its weight is immediately recorded and the animal is brought to the veterinarian onsite. With help from the staff the vet will perform an autopsy on the animal, regardless of whether or not the cause of death is known the do autopsy to determine exactly what killed the animal and to determine if there is a risk to the remaining animals at the zoos or other species. They also look at every single organ and record their appearance and their feeling, weather if they were pale, darkened, enlarged, have growths, or bear any other problems that might indicate a health problem. Small tissues simple are taking from the organs and sent off to a lab that will test them for any number of diseases or conditions. It is a complicated process, but it allows us to take the death of the animal and use it to our advantage for the remaining animals and to improve the quality of their life (What Happens When an Animal Dies at A Zoo/Aquarium?).
Capturing animals the wrong way can be very harmful and very costly. In conclusion, animals have just as many rights as humans do. Animals have rights to freedom Not to be stressed and protection. I believe that animals should not be kept in zoos. In zoos the animals can be treated badly and there is no one or laws to protect them sometimes animals are kept in enclosures that are not related to natural habitats some of the enclosures are just there for looks or for entertainment

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